17 Animals That Can Do Impossible Things

Have you heard that the animal world has superheroes of its own?

There are creatures that live forever and those who ignore the law of gravity, critters that are immune to venom and those that can run on water. But wait, this is just the beginning!

– It’s common knowledge that you can’t survive without water for longer than 3 days. But kangaroo rats can keep going way longer, as in years!
– Plumed basilisk lizards have an uncanny ability to run on water! Their hind feet are equipped with long toes which have fringes of skin that can spread out in water.
– The cardinal fish has been called “firework-spitting” for a reason! That’s why the fish spits the Ostracods out, which looks as if it breathes out bursts of bluish fire!
– There is a particular jellyfish species spread throughout the world’s oceans which can live forever! When the creature reaches the end of its life, it transforms back into its polyp state and, thus, restarts its life cycle over and over again.
– The animal world has its own analogy of Spiderman, and that’s the gecko lizard. This critter has a marvelous ability to climb up all kinds of vertical surfaces and can even go for a walk on the ceiling.
– A 1-inch-long sub-tropical shrimp disorients its prey with… a sonic boom! Despite its modest size, the pistol shrimp is one of the loudest marine animals. When the shrimp snaps its claws, it creates a noise as loud as a sonic boom.
– Opossums are known for their handy trick of playing dead when a predator attacks them. But that’s not the end of the story. These critters are also immune to snake venom!
– Living under the harsh African sun, hippos secrete a sweat-like red oily substance which evaporates and keeps the animals’ bodies cool.
– Meerkats have dark patches around their eyes which makes them look even cuter. They also function as built-in sunglasses.
– In their attempts to attract a mate, lyrebird males can mimic the sounds of 20 other bird species as well as some artificial sounds.
– The alpine ibex from northern Italy can climb nearly any vertical surface, defying several physical laws in the process.
– The axolotl not only can they regrow their limbs, but they can also regenerate complex organs like the brain or the heart.
– Salmon can sense the magnetic field of the planet and use this knowledge if they get lost.
– When the bombardier beetle feels threatened, it sprays scorching liquid from the tip of its abdomen with a loud popping sound.
– Fleas can be really annoying, but it doesn’t make them any less amazing. These tiny critters can leap more than 200 times their body length.
– Some species of millipedes produce hydrogen cyanide and exude it when they feel threatened. One little millipede can’t seriously hurt you, but you may have burns or even blisters if your skin is overly sensitive.