16 Most Cringe On Stage Moments You Won’t Forget

Celebrity Cringeworthy On Stage Moments That You Don’t Want To Miss.


  1. They're all funny but the funeral is the best because not because she he was she was touched inappropriate because it's the greatest thing ever when you're out of funeral because you get to celebrate your family member and it's very happy even if it's not your family member be careful that you have somebody to be there for you

  2. Are you feel bad for Billie Eilish but the thing is I’m terrified of her she is so creepy and the album cover to creep you like looking Into her eyes makes me see you at the end of my bed I’m so terrified I’m scared I’m crying right now because I’m in bed right now and all I see is her face

  3. Mariah, come on? Technical difficulties? Like technically you didn’t rehearse and you’re a lush, like that kind of technicality?

  4. Stop narrating so much!!! Would be a great video if you actually played the video we're watching! Had to pause and look up each video to see what you were talking about! Ugh!