Weird Animals That Will Give You Nightmares

Animals That Would Terrify You

All of us will come across an animal in our life that we’re a little scared of. Maybe it’s the neighbour’s dog that growls every time you walk by. Or your grandma’s cat with the extra sharp claws and sassy attitude. But your average domestic pets have nothing on these ones. From a purple frog to a terrifying shark, here are 15 weird animals that will give you chills.



  1. Not only click bait image, also bring up toys as if they were a real animal. The Finest Dimwit does no actual research into the matter and freely employs bullshit as truth.

  2. Watch out watch out watch out elian caterpillar theaterif that thing really exists and it's really real how creepy is that a gift from the aliens above the greys like that

  3. It’s hard to tell exactly how big the cereal leaf beetle is. However, it looks a lot like a fire fly (aka; lightening bug) because of the reddish-brown segment on its thorax, it’s body shape and it’s antennae. When one was shown in profile the tip of it’s body also looked pale yellowish like a firefly.

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