15 Weird Animals That Will Give You Chills

Crazy Looking Animals

Not all animals are as cute as a kitten, as loyal as a puppy or as fluffy as a bunny. There are some animals that we humans don’t keep as pets for a very good reason: They’re SUPER weird. Some of them are so strange, so odd, so peculiar, so horrifically CREEPY that you’ll never, ever, want to look at them! So… bad luck, because you’re about to! These are weird animals that will give you chills!



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  2. nope leather jackets are even worse than that beetle, leather jackets are the lava of the crane fly, they are black rock solid maggots, trying to crush one in ur fingers is like trying to crush a stone, they burrow under crops and eat the routes of plants so you will notice a field disapearing but if u dont know what a leather jacket is uve lost your whole field till u get to those bald patches n dig em out. things like leaf beatles u can see em in action, leather jackets u cant