15 Weird Animals That Will Give You Chills

Some animals are cute. Some animals are scary. But some animals? Some are just damn creepy looking and will get your skin bubbling with goose bumps. These are weird animals that will give you chills.

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  1. This creatures are looking so ugly…the blue dragon I saw him so often…
    Cant you show him not only in 1 movie ??? .thats more then enough…🥶🥶🥶🥶

  2. All these creatures we see on your show are so very beautiful, even the ones you call ugly so freely. Look in the mirror and you too are amazing, show us more.

  3. Used grouper ( sea bass ) with a blob fish mouths clearly different than a grouper come on man?

  4. i,48 inn. Wrong,,,, the film show ,KING COBRA eating PYTHON, and not the other way ,,,,King Cobra live for the most of eating other snags all kind,,also Python

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  7. Not that I condone keeping wild animals as pets…. C'MON, who wouldn't want a Snub-nosed Monkey. So if anyone has a Wolf I could have…….. (Yes I am serious, check my name)

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  9. I found these animals either cute, unusual and interesting. Non of them would give you chills unless your the type of person that would rather kill anything that is different from you! Also these animals are being shown on multiple channels so not exactly just discovered!

  10. Why whats wrong with the snub nosed monkey? They arnt scary or strange. No more strange than posting this video on 2 other YouTube channels within mins tbh.

  11. I don't understand the picture of the snakes. It looks like the python is being swallowed by a cobra that has a big square of its back cut out . Why ?

  12. You're definition of creepy is wired, the moth, blue dragon, and a couple others are really cute!! Lol

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