15 Craziest Animal Mutations In The World

Captivating Mutations in Animals

Be it thanks to a natural quirk in genetics, or down to the dastardly intervention of mad scientists with too much time on their hands, some animals have unique and captivating mutations. And while these mutations don’t exactly mean they’re going to be fighting crime alongsideWolverine, it still means the animals in question are kind of crazy looking!

These are the most shocking animal mutations in the world!


  1. Come on guys, let's all be honest, I haven't even watched the vid yet, and the black gecko with wings is clearly supposed to look like toothless to draw people in, honestly I say that particular one is fake

  2. Seems , that pigmom had an affair with a monkey, its not normal that it happen so often such problems in that country…or do this guys this for money…??

  3. 2:08 They probably made the character Toothless from this creature. Just because we are not too long ago catching wind of it, does not mean it was just discovered. I know if I were a researcher in Disney, I would keep my mouth shut until I made a character out of something I ran across, real or not.