15 Biggest Ship Collisions and Mistakes

Ship Accidents and Errors

Sometimes people mess up, make mistakes, and call problems. Usually the mistakes you make are pretty mundane; but if you’re a captain of a ship small mistakes can escalate very quickly. Here are the top 15 biggest ship collisions and mistakes.


  1. Just because a ship is bigger DOES NOT mean it has right of way. There are RULES dictating traffic and passage rules. By saying that you're part of the problem. BIG DOES NOT MEAN RIGHT OF WAY.

  2. As of me being a Merchant Seaman for almost 15 years. I like how everything is blamed on the Captain/Ship Master. What alot of people don't know is alot of these accidents are more pilot and AB at the wheel. When coming in to tie up theres a 2nd officer along with usually 2 os's and an AB or vice versa depending on the time of port. And a 3rd officer with same at the stern. It is not the Captain who is giving the orders/directions its the Pilot all the way up until you're actually going to tie off the spring line in shore out shore lines. That's when the Captain takes back over. Now they can not see whats happening at the stern or bow,the are fly blind as it were and totally reliant on the officers at bow and stern. The chief engineer plays a big roll in this as well because they are the ones receiving the directions from the bridge on what to do next. Contrary to popular belief not everything is done straight on the bridge like you see on TV or in movies. If miscommunication happens from bridge like say reverse…they mean it now not a second later. And when this happens alot bad shit happens. Alot of it isn't loss of power or whatever..its communication between bridge and engine room. Ships can opt out of having tugs assist in mooring but alot of foreign vessels will opt out my guess because they can't speak the language that's just my guess. But if you can use tugs then you should definitely do it and less problems like these would not happen. It should be mandatory for all vessels to have to use tugs. Most foreign flagged ships have shitty sailers including Captains that can't drive and park.

  3. When the Yushen maru took out the chase boat

    The 18-26 ft long speed boat
    And the speed boat was out of gas and called the Japanese fleet and called mayday