15 Amazing Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist

Unusual mutated animals

We humans have begun to play god-breeding animals to create all-new hybrids. If the Jurassic Park movies have taught us anything it’s that such antics may go horribly wrong but, for now, let’s just enjoy looking at cute animals and hope they don’t rebel or attack!

These are amazing hybrid animals that actually exist!


  1. Tigon: definition on how human beings should stop interfering with nature and destroying its balance to prove the length of their ignorance. Depression for a human is hard, imagine for an animal? And a wild animal with predator DNA? So unfair!

  2. About the juicy topic. I believe that it isn't real and that it's just some artists imagination
    1. Panthers nor tigers have red eyes
    2. Neither of them have savor tooth tiger teeth
    3. Even if they do stay isolated in the mountains, Scientists and discovery teams being the way they are would at least find traces of them

  3. These aren't actually hybrid now are there? They are from the same family species.. They're hardly lion and monkey or dog and cat…. Griffin, flying horses macdonalds and KFC… That's the type a' thing people really came here for

  4. There have been sightings of black tigers since as early as the 18th century but it's a very rare genetic mutation, not a hybrid.

  5. I mean
    The european Buffalo is called Żubr in polish so Zubran isn't exactly not related tho there deosn't seem to be anything linking it ot a cow in it's name

  6. love that the discussion of the grolar bear include shots from the Orphaned Wildlife Center of Jimbo, he was a wonderful bear. That said, he was a Kodiak, not a grizzly.