15 Abnormally Strange Cats That Actually Exist

Weird Cats Breeds

The internet loves cats. And that other part of existence, you know, the actual world, that loves cats too. Why? Because they’re cats, I mean just look at their little faces. Always being playful, or destroying stuff, or just doing whatever they want. There’s a lot of different kinds of cats, too. Most of them change the appearance by the colour of their fur, or their size, or even how much fur they have. But there are also some cats that are just weird. W

Weird to look at, weird acting, all round strange cats. From the cat named after a bird to the cat who went viral due to looking completely insane, here’s our rundown of 15 Abnormally Strange Cats That Actually Exist!



  1. what does it say about me that with every new cat that showed up i instinctually went "i love u!!!!!!!! i want to kiss ur lil forehead!!!!!!!!!!" on the inside

  2. I think they all were cute just the way they were but if I have to pick on it b the paralyzed in her back legs kitty 🐈‍⬛ because I have female cat tortoiseshell named sweetie who used to be an out side cat that made a permanent home at my house when I seen she had two babies for the first time six years years ago from today I brought her in to my house so her an her babies were stay safe an warm until I noticed her orange tabby male baby was born the same way with no use of his back legs at all yet she seamed to love an still care for it so I had hope it b ok like with raven my vet said tho he seamed ok an clearly well groomed an fed by his mom I named at that time Sweetie I should put him I named them Peaches to sleep because of his quality of over all Health an over all he won’t Likely live as long an is sold smoke grey brother named Ash nor not able to get around at all. But seeing how bonded he was to his brother an mom I just couldn’t do it so like ravens mom I give him cat diapers to wear for his bathroom needs an I play exercise with him for half an hour to keep him in good strength in his upper legs an to prevent any respiratory issues, I tried a wheel chair but he didn’t like it an his brother seamed scared of him an would hiss at the wheels an I felt bad cause they were so close b4 an then peaches get stressed an upset every time I put him in it so I made knitted socks for his back legs to prevent any skin issues from dragging them around in the ground or from going up an down my stairs witch yes he can do that no problem to he thought him self how to get up an down them an hasn’t fallen or anything Ever. An now he’s a happy young adult cat the vet was amazed he even reached adult hood none the less gets around so well on his own an is so happy an in perfect health for being paralyzed from the waste down his lungs, heart, kidney, liver, stomach, all blood lvls, urin an poop are all as good an normal as his perfectly fine brothers is his only issues are he’s paralyzed so he dosent know when he has to go the bath room witch is why he has his diapers an get everynight baths to clean his business from his skin an fur an he is a little bit lighter in weight for a normal cat but not serverly an in the end that good the vet says for him to b a bit under weight it’s less stress on his front legs an back of haveing to dragg around of lower half if he’s a bit under cause peaches Sweetie an ash all get a big bowl of dry food to munch on when they want during the day but they mainly each get an scarf up 1 can food every morning an another every night an today there all three are fixed/spayed an still happy little family always curled up togeather everynight with Peaches always in the middle an onistly I’m glad I didn’t put him down when was a kitten he not suffering an is very happy an playful but to him I feel he’s thinks he a normal cat wat his brother can do with four legs he thinks he can do an with just two sure he has to figure his own way of doing it but when he dose it u can see his eyes light up an even on two legs run in circles an then do wat ever he was trying to go again an again like he’s happy an excited he did it even his brother will come over an lick his head like he’s happy for him to an idk it makes feel happy I gave him a chance to live a decide his own fate an try to cope an live a rather normal like life rather then give up on him an not ever know if he could have made it dispite being paralyzed💕🐈‍⬛

  3. Second cat:three headed cat that looks like a cerburis from adopt me
    He be like:oh thats not cute…its terrifying.