13 Of The Best Places to Live in Canada

Moving to a new or different place is never easy. You need to focus on many things to avoid future problems. It’s not just about the country but choosing a city is another difficult task. When you choose any place to call your home, it requires you to check the housing, job opportunities, schooling systems, climate, population, and leisure. If you need all these things in a better way, you should immigrate to Canada.

Canada is one of the best countries having beautiful and big cities. Although choosing a single city to reside in Canada will be the toughest step since every city comes with its unique characteristics, specialty, and advantages.

Best Places in Canada

However, we are trying to make your confusion clear by piling up the 13 best places to reside in Canada. Now you can narrow down your search and select a city to make your home with your family. It’s your best decision if you have found Canada your destination as it is a vast country having more positive aspects as compared to negative facts.

Moreover, it has great things to offer to citizens and immigrants. It would not be surprising to know that Canada has one of the highest per-capita immigration rates around the world.

After having in-depth research, we have brought13 the best cities together. Here you’ll find information regarding 13 best cities to reside in Canada that will allow you to have a decent standard of healthcare, employment, education, and a good lifestyle.
Without wasting more time, let’s dig in!

Quebec City

Quebec City

Quebec City is an amazing place to live, work, and visit. It’s the capital of la belle province and has more than enough historical places for visitors. People of Quebec visit these places as well. It’s a complete place to live with your family with all the important needs offered by this city.
On the other hand, you must know about French since Quebec is a francophone place. You might have difficulty if your French is not strong as it should be. To avoid future troubles, you must start practicing French.



Vancouver is a perfect place to live with your family and have a good lifestyle along with the best facilities. Americans consider Vancouver more when it comes to immigration. This city is famous for its landscapes and diverse cultures. Moreover, it has the Pacific Ocean, which is ideally best for all outdoor activities. If you are fond of outdoor activities such as skiing and surfing, Vancouver will be the best city for you. It’s a complete place to live with your family with all the important needs offered by this city.

It’s also surrounded by huge beautiful mountains. This city also has solutions for your education since it provides world-class educational facilities. Further, it provides healthcare facilities, and that’s a plus point to choose Vancouver over other cities. It has a strong economy and great opportunities to develop your career.

This city offers job employments in many industries such as telecommunications, mining, construction, finance, technology, and forestry. Lastly, it’s important to remember that Vancouver is the most expensive city on the list of 15 cities in Canada which we have made.


Moncton, NB, Canada

If you are looking for cheap housing rates so you must plump for Moncton. You can have beautiful houses with a fascinating view of nature in Moncton. This city has natural beauty and is surrounded by the commercial hub of the maritime. Indeed Moncton is a city for everyone.


Ottawa, Ont, Canada

Ottawa is also a great choice if you are considering our list of the 15 best cities to reside in Canada. In Ottawa, you can enjoy all four seasons of the year since it’s a very clean and green city. This city ranks high for the best quality of life it provides. It’s famous for its cleanliness and unpolluted environment. Further, it offers the best communities to live in the world. Besides this, if you are a foodie, you’ll love Ottawa for this.

In Ottawa, you can enjoy all four seasons of the year since it’s a very clean and green city. It has an abundance of opportunities for people who love outdoor activities. Ottawa has a beautiful Rideau Canal that provides numerous trails, running paths, and bike lanes. The canal freezes over in cold temperatures and becomes the longest skating rink in the world.

Moreover, it has a strong economy and high income for its citizens. Aside from providing a high quality of life, Ottawa has the two best universities, Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. It’s the best youthful city and is ranked no. 1 due to its unique characteristics.


Burlington, Ont, Canada

If you are not comfortable living in a small space, you must choose Burlington then. It’s a big city having great outdoors and proximity to nature. It’s is located in Ontario, lies in the southwestern end of Lake Ontario.

Besides the beauty of nature, we have the biggest educational sector in Burlington. It has well-developed schools, colleges, and healthcare sectors. Moreover, it has the biggest malls, amusement parks, museums so that your children can never get bored. Also, exciting festivals occur annually in Burlington. On the other hand, Burlington is also an expensive city to live in. The average home costs $500,000; still, this city gets high marks in low employment.

Saint John, NB

Saint John, NB

In 1978 the city of Saint John NB was explored. It is one of the oldest cities found in Canada. But what are the unique characteristics of the city? It is an active port and an industrial city in Canada. Moreover, it’s growing fast into technology and also has established a modern business.

It seems good for those who are newly shifted and want to start work. If you have a business mind or want to work from home, you can choose Saint John NB.

Furthermore, it’s also a good place to visit occasionally, since it has gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes. On the other hand, this city boasts a few of the lowest real estate rates in Canada.

St. Albert

St. Albert, Canada

In recent years, St. Albert lies in the starting names on the list due to its high economy and good opportunities for job seekers. This city attracts Canadian visitors and immigrants more than any city. Furthermore, it has all the amenities such as big schools, visiting parks, ample green space, recreational facilities and a lot more. St. Albert is a way to promote a healthy lifestyle, stop searching more if your first priority is a healthy lifestyle.

St. Albert has low crime rates, which is a positive point for the city. Moreover, if you can’t live in cold temperate, this city is for you then as there’s more sunshine all year round. Besides this, you don’t need to worry about jobs and careers, St. Albert city provides significant job opportunities in IT, banking, and biotechnology. It has the largest oil and gas center.



The next city in our list of 13 best cities in Charlottetown, PEI. It’s a lovely small city to retire in Canada. You can raise your children better in this city since it’s worth a look city if you have planned to get retired soon. For renters, it’s considered the best city as it is cheap. The rates of houses are reasonable and cheaper than in any city.

Moreover, if we talk about the environment, you will never feel that you reside in a small city while living here since it gives a big city vibe without having overpopulation and traffic problems. You can live a happy life here without any hassle. Besides this, if you see educational systems, you’ll be amazed to see high schools, colleges, and universities and their educational environment.


Toronto, Ont, Canada

If we talk about Toronto, it is the fourth largest city in North America population-wise. Toronto is also the largest city found in Canada, having high housing property to buy. It has everything that Americans require, it’s the best place for them too. Toronto is Canada’s financial capital. Moreover, the best point about Toronto is, it offers an extensive public transportation system which becomes easy for people moving here. Additionally, you can find Toronto as a global business and finance center. It’s the safest place and is an economic intelligence unit.


Calgary, AB, Canada

Another great city to live in Canada is Calgary. It’s the third-largest city in Canada, with a population of 1.3 million people, according to 2016 data. Calgary is less cheap if we compared it to Toronto as an immigrant or a citizen. It’s the livable, wealthiest, and cleanest city with low taxes and a higher job opportunity rate.


Saskatoon, Sk, Canada

If you are searching for an exciting and youthful vibe, stop searching now, as Saskatoon is the best fit. It’s a large city with great art and culture. This city has given so much to build a strong art and culture scene. Saskatoon provides all kinds of arts to youth, including music, theatres, modern art, art galleries, public art installations, and other attractions. It’s also called the land of living skies because there is a different sky unlike anywhere else.

You don’t need to learn any language here as English is spoken and understood all around this city. Besides this, educational levels are high, the people are friendly to foreigners, and the safety level is quite good. There are more plus points to reside in this city and spend a peaceful life.


Montreal, Qc, Canada

The next amazing is Montreal. You can bring your family here for their better and bright future. Moreover, you can be finally stable and can secure your future financially here since this city offers plenty of work opportunities for all kinds of employees. They pay good salaries meaning that there is worth of every work you do.

Montreal has a good schooling system, and it’s the most recommended city for education, people around the world come here and get higher education. Furthermore, it has established healthcare sectors and hospitals with professional and experienced doctors.

On the other hand, when it comes to housing, Montreal has cheap rent rates, and everyone can afford them. Although the city is relatively small, but there are more than enough reasons to live in. The reasons include walkability, tempting food, amazing nightlife, safety level and beautiful people of the city. Besides all these things, Montreal has tons of green spaces to destress from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The huge mountains like Mount Royal give an enjoyable and therapeutic vibe throughout the year.



We have much reason to make you choose Regina over other cities. Regina is the second-largest city situated in Saskatchewan, and people are also called it the Queen City. Why do people move to Regina? Since Regina provides the best job opportunities to the immigrants and the citizens, so people look forward to moving here. Moreover, it has important industries such as agriculture, steel, mining with head offices of SaskPower and SaskEnergy.

Regina makes the main producer of potash, gas, and oil. Regina has a population of 205,000 provides everything to the people living here. It has many highlights like the famous royal Saskatchewan museum, government house, science center, and Wascana center.
Further, the other reasons to live here include good educational sectors, safety level, and fewer traffic problems. Regina has brilliant hospitals and a peaceful environment. You can consider this city now and spend the rest of your life here.


It’s concluded that Canada should lie as the first option in the list of countries if you are planning to move somewhere as an immigrant. Since Canada is a diverse country and has the best cities to reside in, so it should be your first choice when you start searching. The best 15 cities to reside in Canada that we have discussed are the complete code of perfect, healthy, and good life. Consider these 15 cities when you’re planning to move, stay focused on your future problems, and raising your family in a better way.

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