11 Scary Moments Caught on Camera Best Ghost Sightings

Caught on Camera

11 Scary Moments Caught on Camera | Best Ghost Sightings! Watch till the end might be the best scary video of the day.


  1. The CCTV video of the ghost crossing the street is fake. You can tell because there is a frame missing. If you use < and > keys while paused, you can move frame-by-frame. 14:11:27:13 is missing. The frame-by-frame goes 9, 10, 11, 12, 14. So Someone took out that whole frame to prevent having to edit the shadow crossing into the truck.

    Edit: any CCTV with missing frames has been doctored and is therefore sketchy.

  2. I wish the producers of these videos would ditch the crappy music. I know the music is supposed to create scary tension, but it doesn't and it's corny and annoying.

  3. There is a "BLACK" person with bread on half of the screen in this video WHY???….. I don't other's reaction I'll Judge & do it….. FUCK REACTION videos…….

  4. u need to see the police chase the car goes right thru a fence and disappears on the police cam has the time running and they have no idea what just happen and it is real . there is a big open case on it with the f.b.i.

  5. I wanted to say I think in the video with the burnt out house being taped from a hill at the beginning of the clip I’m not sure if you saw it but I thought I saw a image of a dog and a child on like a wooden plank towards the bottom right of the property looking towards the camera as it was being filmed before the image or shadow was phasing thur the wall or what not