10 “Wow” facts about Wendys

Wendy's is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas
Wendy's is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas

I bet you didn’t know some of these interesting facts!

Have you ever wondered who Wendy actually is? Well, we have! So we set out to discover the truth! And in the process, we learned a lot of interesting and “wowing” facts about this popular restaurant franchise. Let us pass these fascinating facts onto you:

Wendy was Dave Thomas’s daughter

We all know Dave Thomas as the founder of Wendys, but who Wendy is has remained a secret to many – until now! Wendy’s was named after Dave’s daughter. Her name was actually Melinda, but because she couldn’t pronounce her Rs or Ls, she became known as Wendy and was the inspiration for the franchise name and logo.

The Dave Thomas Foundation was created in 1992

The Dave Thomas Foundation
The Dave Thomas Foundation

In 1992, Dave Thomas created his foundation – The Dave Thomas Foundation – to help children in need of adoption find homes. As a child, Dave didn’t know his biological family and didn’t have a great experience with adoption. For this reason, he wanted to help other children who were going through the adoption process. Not only is the foundation a place to help children find a home, but a place where children can connect with one another and speak about their experiences.

Dave didn’t go to high school

We’re all conditioned to believe that we need to go to college or university to succeed, but sometimes all it takes is a little drive and motivation. Dave Thomas is living proof as he never even graduated high school. With that being said, he later worried that his success would teach children that it was okay to drop out of school, so he went back and got his GED at the age of 61 in order to set a good example.

Dave Thomas had a 13-year commercial campaign

In a span of over 13 years, Dave Thomas created a campaign that resulted in over 800 commercials – all of which he starred in on his own.

Chocolate Frosties are made with Vanilla

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but Wendy’s chocolate frosties are not all chocolate. If you’ve ever noticed that frosty’s don’t taste as chocolaty as some other ice cream treats, you’d be right. The franchise adds vanilla to ensure that the chocolate flavour is not too overpowering.

Chocolate Frosties are made with Vanilla
Chocolate Frosties are made with Vanilla

Wendy’s sells a lot of frosties

No surprise here – frosties are a hot seller. In fact, Wendy’s sells over 300 million frosties each year.

Wendy’s uses subliminal messages?

If you’ve never noticed it before, go ahead and take a look at Wendy’s collar on the logo. You’ll notice that it spells out “mom”. Many people took notice of this, wondering if Wendy’s was trying to send some subliminal messages to all those moms out there. But if you were to ask Wendy’s team, they’d tell you this was purely a mistake and completely unintentional.

Dave Thomas worked for KFC

Not only did Dave Thomas work for KFC before he opened his first Wendy’s, but he also used the money that he earned at KFC to do so.

Dave invented the bucket of Chicken

Not only did Dave Thomas work for KFC, but he was also a close friend of the Colonel. Working closely with Sanders to make the KFC chain more profitable, it was actually Dave who invented the famous bucket of chicken. But don’t worry, despite their competitive franchises, the two remained friends even after Wendy’s was opened.

Wendy’s is the 3rd largest burger chain in the US

Sadly, Wendy’s did not make the number one spot for burger chains in the US – but number three is pretty good too! The fast-food franchise comes in only behind McDonald’s and Burger King.

Did we also mention that Wendy’s may have invented the Drive-Thru? This information is not confirmed, so we can’t be sure – but that’s a pretty interesting fact if it’s true!