10 Weird Two Headed Animals

Two-Headed Animals

Polycephaly is a condition wherein an animal is born with two heads. Some cultures think of it as a
blessing, while others think it a curse. No matter what people think, one thing we can all agree on is that
creatures with this condition truly are weird. Today, we will be looking at 10 weird two-headed animals.
Better make sure you stay until number one, that entry is adorableness times two.

Number 10. Squirt and Crush
There have been quite a few cases of turtles with two heads, but most of the ore of the small varieties.
It’s so much rarer to find these kinds of mutations on larger species, so when a baby loggerhead turtle
was discovered with two heads just a couple of months ago, the news stirred quite a buzz.
A sea turtle patrol on Hilton Island in South Carolina discovered an extremely rare two-headed
loggerhead hatchling, which was desperately trying to keep up with its brothers and sisters, who were
on their way to the sea. It was very alive and energetic, but it had a deformed shell, making movement
extremely difficult. The people who discovered the twins, whom they affectionately named Squirt and
Crush, say that this is an extremely rare finding in their area, with the last discovery happening 15 long
years ago.
Turtle hatchlings already have a very difficult time in the wild, wherein only 1 in 1000 are expected to
survive to adulthood. If this hatchling wasn’t discovered, its chances of survival in the wild are next to
none. It’s a good thing that the twins were discovered, this should at least give them a better chance at

Number 9. The Two-Headed Cardinal
Birds are some of the rarest animals found with two heads. It must be because that any animal with this
mutation really have little to no chance of surviving out in the wild. So, when this bird was found in
Western Massachusetts, it was indeed quite a rare find. What makes this find even rarer, and
admittedly, weirder, is the fact that not only that this bird had two heads, it had two beaks as well.
April Britt from Northampton noticed that the Cardinals have been flying around her property. Finding this
strange, she went out to investigate what was happening. During her investigation, she spotted this tiny
bird on the lower branches in one of the trees. Although still young, it was quite clear that the bird was
already a couple of weeks old, which was covered in juvenile feathers.
The find even made it to the local news, and Britt was interviewed regarding her find. Unfortunately, the
bird is not expected to live that long. Experts say that due to its deformity, even flying was an impossible

Number 8. The First of its Kind
While two-headed turtles and birds are quite common, relatively speaking, this next entry on our list
truly is the first of its kind.

Back in 2017, a Dutch fisherman fishing in the North Sea caught something truly weird in his nets. Along
with his catch of the day, he found a deformed animal, which was clearly just an infant. Unfortunately,
the creature was no longer alive when it was fished out of the ocean. Thinking it was illegal to keep such
an animal, he subsequently threw it back into the sea, but not before taking a few photos of it.
Upon examination of the photos, experts came to the conclusion that what the fisherman found was a
baby two-headed harbor porpoise. According to Erwin Kompanje of the National Museum of History in
Rotterdam says that conjoined twins in whales and dolphins are extremely rare and he was only aware
of nine other published cases worldwide.

Number 7. Lucky the Calf
Lucky the Two-Headed Calf was born at a farm in Kentucky owned by husband and wife Stan and Brandy
McCubbin. The couple said that in the seven years that they’ve been running the farm, they have never
encountered an animal quite like lucky.
Technically speaking, Lucky doesn’t have two heads, but rather have two faces; with two mouths, two
noses, and four eyes. Lucky. However, only seemed to have one brain, as when the McCubbins try to
feed one mouth, the other mouth moves in unison. This makes Lucky quite an even rarer case of
A veterinary team from the University of Illinois grew interested in Lucky, and was interested to give her
an operation that would potentially prolong her life. The McCubbins were even able to raise $1200 for
the operation.