10 Most Hazardous Kids Toys Ever Created

Kids and The Hazards of Toys

From an Atomic Energy Lab where you play with chemicals, too a flying water tube that has been responsible for the death, we bring you 10 of the most dangerous children’s toys ever made.

Music: Jingle Punks – Lucky Day

This video is showing the Most Hazardous Kids Toys


  1. What about "Jarts" the lawn dart game, were they not hazardous enough to make the list? I know from experience how hazardous they were, because I had my head busted open twice when I was a kid by those dangerous toys

  2. just because you millennials dont like these toys. lets just make a big deal about it.. GROW UP. MOVE OUT OF YOUR PARENTS HOUSE.  BASICALLY GET A LIFE

  3. These toys go back to the days of your Grandfather dude! Natural selection have some fun with it because you wont make it much past fifteen. To bad your generation wont be doing to much procreating anyway so I can see why you need as many raffle tickets in the jar as you can get!

  4. I loved my clackers
    I want my clackers back they were great toys of the 1970s but the pathetic government banned them the amount of times my knuckles got rapped they bloody hurt.

  5. "What toddler or child wears a belt buckle with a gun fitted onto it."

    1. It's called a holster
    2. One that doesn't have pussy libtards for parents