10 Most Crazy Animals People Actually Own


People Own These Animals

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Most Crazy Animals People Actually Have

Some animals are good at keeping us company and some others are better left alone. But where do you draw the line? How do you know it’s okay to have some animals at home while it’s better to keep others at a distance? Is it our natural instinct? I mean, I would definitely avoid bringing any tigers or lions into my home, because I know they could eat me. But then again, I’ve seen some dogs biting and attacking humans and yet, they’re “man’s best friend”. So where’s the boundary? Well, while it seems like there’s an obvious limit between domesticated and wild animals, some people don’t see any boundaries! Today we’ll be looking at “10 of the Most Crazy Animals People Actually Own”. You’ll be surprised to see how people have adopted animals that you never thought could live with a human. Make sure you stay tuned to find out my Best Pick as I’ll introduce you to a very crazy animal that behaves just like a dog, but you probably would have never thought that prior to watching this video.


Coming all the way from South America, the tamanduas have become quite popular among people who like to own exotic pets. Surely enough, adopting one can cost you anything between 3,000 to 8,000 US dollars – and it might be illegal in some places, so you might want to check that out before getting excited. These anteaters love their insects, but they will also be happy with any beef, soft fruits and eggs that you feed them. They do not have teeth, but they have very long claws that allow them to process their food. They like cuddles and enjoy the outdoors. You just need to set up a nice obstacle course and a little nest for them to be happy and busy during the day. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect companion?


And here’s another cute pet that comes from Central and South America: the Capybaras. This mammal, which is considered the largest rodent in the world, has become a very popular exotic pet. But, don’t let all that cuteness fool you – they are very tricky pets and they require a lot of attention. Given the fact that they are, naturally, very social animals, they should have at least one other Capybara living with them so they can be happy. Otherwise their quality of life will be compromised. And you better get a swimming pool if you don’t have one! Because capybaras are semiaquatic and they will likely go for a swim sooner or later – and we don’t want to see a sad capybara, right? They need their water to stay happy. Like I mentioned earlier, they’re the largest rodent alive today, so expect them to be a bit taller than 50 centimeters and they will weigh around 30 kilos – so you will need a huge space if you want to enclose them. It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Sugar Gliders

And here’s another exotic pet, this one comes all the way from Australia and New Guinea. I’m talking about the Sugar Gliders. These marsupials also require a lot of care. Just like you need water for the capybaras, you need a lot of space for the sugar gliders to…fly! That’s right, these animals like to stretch out their arms to the side and glide through the air – there’s a reason why they’re called sugar gliders! And these animals are also social to an extreme, so if you ever decided to adopt one, you will actually need to take two! Otherwise, the sugar gliders will become grumpy, which will make them hard to adapt to a domesticated lifestyle. This could lead to them chewing and nipping on things. Since it’s an exotic animal, it is illegal to own one in some places, and still, even if it is legal, they might require special permits to prove your government that you didn’t acquire one illegally. Sounds like a lot of obstacles just to get these cute animals, but some people are eager to go through all that just so they can bring a pair of sugar gliders into their home.


Alright. The next animal is not necessarily exotic in the same way other animals are, and it has become quite popular in media and memes over the last couple of years. But still, it’s not an animal you expect to see in people’s homes as often as others. It’s the Alpaca. These interesting animals are from South America and they have been good company to humans for centuries!


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