10 Funny Celebrity Snapchat Posts

Watching celebrities’ day-to-day lives

has been made easier because of social media. It’s also made it easier for celebs to have an “oops” moment for everyone to see.

This video has some of the world’s favorite celebs revealing way too much for the camera on snapchat, or shows them trying to get away with too much, and being caught on camera. Everyone from singer Usher, to the actual Snapchat platform its self can’t help but to have a snapchat fail.



  1. Um Kim kardashian actually edited the footage of Taylor and Kanye’s phone call to make her husband look better

  2. In reference to KYLIE JENNER – I think what the deal was that, yes it is her hair and not a wig, but the bleached blonde is not actually her all natural hair; her natural hair is brown, not dyed platinum blonde.

  3. i like how those fools do stupid shit like that one who took a pic of the naked lady. then when it doesn't go the way they want they put on fake tears and say they sorry.. yet if the public was to laugh along with them all of a sudden they ain't sorry