10 fun facts that you probably didn’t know about Subway

Subway Truths

When you’re in the mood for a sub, Subway is the place you go. But did you ever stop to think about the history of your favourite submarine franchise? Well, we’re here to educate you!

Every minute, 5, 300 sandwiches are served at Subway

Subway has over 44,000 locations in over 110 different countries around the world – and they serve a lot of subs. In fact, every minute, it’s estimated that 5, 300 subs are served worldwide – that’s 7.6 million subs per day!

Subway was founded by a 17-year-old boy

Think you need to be older to be an entrepreneur? Think again! Subway was founded by 17-year-old Fred DeLuca in 1965. Originally dreaming of becoming a medical doctor, DeLuca started the shop on the suggestion of a friend as a way to earn money for his education.

Subway founder Fred DeLuca
Subway founder Fred DeLuca

The Original Sub cost between $.49 to $.69.

While subs nowadays cost anywhere between $5 and $12, the original submarine only costs between 49 to 69 cents. On opening day, over 312 subs were sold at “Pete’s Super Submarines”.

Subway had a Footlong Lawsuit

As we all know, there are 12 inches in afoot. So when Subway says they sell a “footlong sandwich”, you would expect that it would be 12 inches long – at least Australian teen Matt Corbey felt that way. After measuring his sandwich to be only 11 inches in length, Corbey filed a class action suit with 9 other individuals. Each person received $500 and Subway promised to ensure their subs were 12 inches long from now on.

Southern California has a “rainy day special”

Though it’s odd to see rain in Southern California, you can get the rainy day special if you do. On rainy days, all Southern California locations offer an off-menu deal of “buy any sub and 32 oz drink and get another 6-inch sub for free”.

Subway uses a lot of lettuce

To be more specific, each store uses over 16 acres of lettuce per year. Multiply that by 44,000 locations around that world and that’s over 704, 000 acres of lettuce used by Subway each year.

subway uses alot of lettuce
subway uses alot of lettuce

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Dumb Criminals Rob Subway

In 2015, American man Frederick Warren was arrested after robbing a Subway and then immediately using the money to purchase a sub from their competitor (Potbelly Sandwich Shop) located directly across the street.

Subway has more locations than McDonald’s

Thought Mcdonald’s was the largest fast-food chain in the world? Think again! McDonald’s is estimated to have around 38, 695 restaurants worldwide, while Subway has over 44, 000.

Subway has more locations than McDonald's
Subway has more locations than McDonald’s

There are over 38 million sandwich combinations

Can’t decide what you want to eat? That’s not surprising! Subways shops may not be that large, but their options are endless. In fact, there are over 38 million different sandwich combination options each and every time you visit Subway.

Subway employs hens

That’s right – humans aren’t the only ones employed at this delicious food shop. Don’t forget, Subway makes some of the best cookies around. But in order to make these cookies, Subway needs eggs. And in order to make these eggs, they need hens. To date, Subway has over 46, 000 hens that lay over 14.4 million eggs per year.

Subway employs hens
Subway employs hens

Love it or hate it, Subway is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world – and they only continue to grow. Plus, they are found everywhere – laundromats, zoos, and even in churches!

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