10 CATS You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Cats are great protagonists of the internet. We see them everywhere in funny videos. The cats in this video are really amazing, they will surprise you so much with their particular characteristics that you won’t believe they really exist.

It’s time for some riddles. Who’s this character?! “A cat?” You almost got it! It’s a Kitler. “What? No!” Take it easy, at least you guessed it was an animal, it’s just that this buddy has a rather weird face.

Colonel Meow
Attention! A strange and impressive creature is about to pass by, I introduce you to Colonel Meow. His face may be quite grim, but it’s only a painting, it really isn’t as ugly as it seems.

Mercury Cat
Are you ready to meet a non-extinct T-Rex? Get ready to be amazed by Mercury, a cute kitty that looks a lot like this dinosaur since it’s missing two front legs and has a particular walk.

This kitty was named “The World’s Angriest Cat” by some Internet users due to its unusual image. Look at his expression! His big frown and piercing eyes give you the impression that he will sharp his claws and attack you at any time.

Venus Two-faced Kitten
No, it is not some kind of online trick, nor have the owners modified the pictures of this kitty-cat. Venus is a special kitten that stands out for her unique two-colored feline face.

Lazarus, the Vampire Cat
Don’t let his appearance fool you, he doesn’t want to drink your blood. This little one may look like a vampire, but he was actually born with a cleft palate, a deformity that left him without a visible nose and abnormally long lower teeth.

Wilfred Warrior
Cute, adorable, ehh… fluffy? Well, at least I got one right. After all, Wilfred is a kitty that doesn’t meet the typical features of a cat due to his unique and weird expression that horrify everyone.

Ugly Bat Boy
You’ll be surprised to see this feline. Relax, he may have a terrifying look, but he’s indeed very gentle and loving. His big heart turned him into a celebrity at the Exeter Veterinary Hospital in New Hampshire.

Frank and Louie, the Two-faced Cat
I can’t believe it! I just can’t! I can’t believe there was a cat like this one and it had lived for such a long time. I’m talking about Frank and Louie, also called Frankenlouie.

Chase, No Face
It’s impossible to imagine such an animal. You’d think it isn’t real or it’s even a bad internet joke. I’m sorry to tell you that this cat exists and is called Chase.